Auto Passport® (RFID)

While the Auto Sentry® flex is delivering your car wash's personalized presentation, a two lane Auto Passport® system can process more than 30,000 cars in one month.

With RFID technology, we can identify each vehicle that passes through the wash. The data is time stamped and stored for reporting. This all happens automatically, without user interaction.

Speedy And Convenient

  • RFID tags are better than bar codes due to their read /write capabilities, ability to store data that can be changed, updated, and locked.

Secure System

  • RFID tags have an electronic chip in them and are disabled automatically if tampered with or removed.
  • Clean over top of the RFID tags without disintegration.
  • A valid RFID tag is read by the RFID reader that automatically stamps the log data with the exact time and date.

Reliable Reads

  • Our antenna size restricts the read range in order to prevent an accidental read of the other lane's RFID tag number.
  • RFID tags contain an enhanced chip for superior reads.


  • Active club members can visit your multi-locations.
  • Track vehicles for clubs and fleet accounts effortlessly.
  • Set up unlimited wash club programs with RFID tags and Profiles in WashConnect®, and then benefit from the reoccurring monthly credit card funds from your wash club members.
  • WashConnect®, the management system, provides management reports for RFID club and fleet members.
  • Provide select customers with special offerings by setting up a Profile associated with their RFID tag.
  • Use of RFID tags is a easy way to build customer loyalty.
  • The system has the flexibility to meet the operator's needs.

With an RFID system, you know which specific vehicle has pulled onto your lot. It's far better than magnetic stripe cards that can be used by anyone. Now that you know the vehicle, what you do with it is up to you. Each vehicle can have its own wash options, upgrades, special pricing or even block certain options via the profile settings for the vehicle's RFID tag. It's fantastically flexible making life easier for your customers, providing the appropriate sales offerings defined by you.

Wash Clubs Provide Recurring Monthly Revenue

When paired with the Auto Passport® Vehicle Identification System, the Auto Sentry® flex offers a whole new world of opportunity to provide sophisticated options for unlimited and limited wash club programs.

Unlimited Wash Clubs

Get in on the action. Weatherproof your car wash by setting up a wash club program for your customers and receive a guaranteed fixed income from the Club members at the beginning of every month, regardless of bad weather or time of year volume fluctuations.

Customers who join an unlimited wash club provide a credit card that will automatically be charged a flat fee every month, and in return receive as many washes as they wish for that particular vehicle.

Lock into customer loyalty and retention since the members paying you a monthly fee are less likely to visit a competitor.

Customers are attracted to the unlimited wash club knowing they are getting a great value, saving time, and free from worrying about bad weather. These customers visit more frequently and also generate more sales as they tend to believe that they are not really paying for a wash and tend to purchase the additional service items that they normally would not have purchased if they had to pay for the wash too.

How Unlimited Wash Clubs Work

  • Managers can set up a profile for each unlimited club level and the services included for each club package.
  • When a customer pulls up to the Auto Sentry® flex payment terminal, they can easily select a short video explaining how the unlimited club works.
  • If they are interested, the customer can touch the Join Wash Clubs button and then the club menu appears.
  • From the wash club menu, the customer can touch a button to select a club: deluxe wash club for $15 per month and supreme wash club for $25 per month, for example.
  • The customer is prompted to swipe their credit card, enter their zip code for security, and receive a speedy credit card approval. This card will be charged every month until customer cancels their membership.
  • After receiving the first wash as a club member, the customer presents their receipt to the attendant who applies the RFID tag to the windshield. Tags are secure and become inoperable if tampered with or removed from the windshield.
  • The wash club process is now complete for this vehicle. If you have more than one location, the customer's data automatically transfers to multiple sites within minutes.
  • Unlimited club members may return to any of your car wash sites as many times as they would like for the month without being charged again for the selected wash club services.
  • Every time the club member's vehicle pulls up to the Auto Sentry® flex, the RFID tag reader verifies the tag number and the Auto Sentry's screens adjust automatically according to the member's club, offering the club member extra services for additional fees.

Numbers speak louder than words. For example, let's say you have 900 customers in the deluxe wash club for $15, and 300 members in the supreme wash club for $25, this total is reoccurring base revenue of $21,000 at the beginning of every month before you even wash a single car. Of course, these numbers will vary based on your location and customer base. This example demonstrates the potential club revenue. And if you just add another 100 members to each club, you compare and see the potential to bring in another $4,000.

Examples Of Monthly Club Revenue

Wash Clubs provide recurring monthly revenue, Auto Passport® system,

Wash Clubs provide recurring monthly revenue, Auto Passport® system,

Limited Wash Clubs

Limited clubs operate the same as unlimited clubs except for one difference... the amount of washes per month. The limited club includes a predefined amount of washes for a flat monthly fee.

For example, a limited wash club offers 5 washes per month for $10. If you pull up to the Auto Sentry® flex on your 6th wash for the month, you will be notified that you have exceeded your limit but are still able to purchase a wash.

Attract Corporate Customers With Ease And Convenience Of Fleet Management

Fleet Accounts

  • Set up Fleet account using a Profile to add the wash options per the fleet manager.
  • Operators can set specific pricing in the profile settings for each fleet account.
  • The RFID is great to use with fleet accounts as it removes the fleet card from the driver's responsibility.
  • One RFID tag is needed per fleet vehicle. The tag number will be associated with the vehicle's information including the fleet profile.
  • An RFID tag is rendered inoperable and deactivated if removed from the vehicle's windshield.
  • After a fleet member pulls up to the Auto Sentry® flex, the RFID reader recognizes the RFID tag number and automatically displays the customized menu according to the Profile for that particular fleet, limiting the service offerings on the customized menu to what the fleet members are allowed to purchase.
  • If necessary, the fleet member's profile will trigger automatic retracts in the tunnel according to the fleet member's vehicle settings.
  • Fleet managers now have the ability to know exactly which vehicles are being washed on the company account, thanks to the Auto Passport® System and the Profile settings for the fleet.
  • The fleet manager can track the vehicles washed on the monthly bill, reviewing both the date and time of wash.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Safety

Reducing Damage Claims

  • The Auto Passport® recognizes the individual vehicle, allowing set up of specific washes with automatic retracts in the tunnel.
  • For your local police department fleet account, you can attach a specific wash to the RFID tag numbers for the vehicles with light bars on top so that the wash automatically retracts the top brush.
  • Set up a profile for a wash to retract the wraps on construction vehicles with extra large trailer hitches.
  • Imagine, the Auto Passport® RFID system reducing damage claims at your wash.
  • RFID is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.

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