The Auto Sentry Petro® Raises the Bar for Unattended Entry Terminals

The Auto Sentry Petro was designed as a cashless terminal to alleviate the theft and safety risks normally associated with cash retrieval. Instead, the Petro accepts credit or gift card purchases made at the payment terminal as well as wash codes from purchases made at the gas pump or inside the c-store.

Auto Sentry Petro
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  • Secure Cashless Terminal
    • EMV with Point to Point Encryption
    • Optional Chip and PIN Ready
    • Optional International Coin/Token Acceptor
  • High Volume with Smart Stack
    • Wash a car while stacking two more cars in the queue
  • Customizable
    • Video Graphics for buttons and backgrounds
    • Decals
    • Bilingual
  • Sales Opportunities
    • Wash Codes
    • Wash Clubs
    • Fleet Cards
    • Smart Upsell Technology

Auto Sentry Petro
For current pricing on this item please contact our sales department at (800) 642-9396.
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