Our experienced and dedicated team of technicians and development engineers provides comprehensive technical support from our U.S. Call Centers in Pennsylvania and California. We do not use third party technical support. All support call requests are completed in-house.

It all starts with our people

Every member of our support services staff is rigorously trained on our products, the underlying technologies, and industry-specific problem solving strategies. We hire the best and the brightest technicians, primarily for their customer service skills. Then, we provide extensive classroom training by our in-house training staff. This is followed with a course in the production department where they actually build the equipment. Having firsthand knowledge of how our components are manufactured provides the technician with insight to respond to higher level technical issues that might arise. Only when this 8 week training regimen is satisfactorily completed, are our technicians added to the support pool.

ITIL Standards

Innovative Control Systems has adopted the ITIL Standards for managing the call center. The ITIL standards is a system of best practices to manage IT service. The ICS call center focuses on Call Escalation, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Product Improvement and Customer Fulfilment. A wide range of Call Center Metrics are used that enable us to meet our targeted Service Level Agreements while containing cost. By adopting the ITIL Standards, ICS provides World Class Call Support and Customer service at a cost that is reasonable to our customers.


Innovative Control Systems is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality solutions to customer issues at every level. Our three-tiered support system is structured based on the ITIL service-level management program.

  • State of the Art Call Center Software
    • Provides site information and layout.
    • Access hardware and software versions.
    • Tracks all progress.
    • Ability to pick up interrupted calls.
    • Automatically escalates recurring issues.
    • Reporting:  Number of times a site calls, and time spent on every call.
  • Knowledge Resources
    • Tier 3 Technical Support.
    • Hardware integrator.
    • Document writer.
    • Quality Assurance

  • Continuous Call Improvement
    • Identify top calls.
    • Analyze root cause.
    • Reduce calls by taking action:
      • Product design change.
      • Component replacement.
      • Customer training.
  • Customer Training and Tools
    • Documentation.
    • Instructional Video.
    • In house classroom training.
    • Onsite training is available.