About Innovative Control Systems

Innovative Control Systems (ICS), founded in 1988 by Kevin Detrick, has grown steadily over the years and continues to expand as the technical features of our cutting edge software and innovative car wash equipment continues to evolve with great customer satisfaction.  ICS began operations under the simple value-creation philosophy: "A superior product, advanced technology and an uncommon dedication to customer service upon which customers can achieve unusual success."


Before Innovative Control Systems was founded, Kevin purchased an old abandoned car wash in Stroudsburg, PA in 1981 and developed it into a growing successful business within a short period of time. As the first years passed, Kevin wasn't satisfied with the computerized management and control systems that were available for his own car wash.  Convinced that better tools could improve profitability, he decided to build an integrated system to meet the needs of the professional car wash operator. This system was the founding reason behind the birth of Innovative Control System's first product, Tunnel Master. Fully integrated with a multitude of software and hardware components, Tunnel Master allowed you to have better control of labor, improve sales, build customer loyalty and operate a profitable business.  Integrating the tunnel controller with a point-of-sale management system, Tunnel Master controlled cash while preventing theft at the car wash.


ICS Corporate Headquarters

ICS first operated in a one-story building in Nazareth, PA. At that time, there was no product like Tunnel Master available in the car wash industry. By integrating the controller and the POS system and also adopting patented anti-theft methods, ICS was able to bring true cash control to the industry and give operators the peace of mind that was not possible in prior years.


ICS, once again, was able to transform the industry in 2001 by introducing an unattended payment terminal, the Auto Sentry. With gate control for multiple lane applications, the Auto Sentry would give operators the flexibility to manage high volume locations with as few as one or two employees on site at any given time. Operators were able to deliver a new fast repeatable customer experience. This unattended process would go on to be the most widely used business model in the first decade of the new millennium with every competitor trying to duplicate the ICS solution.


Rapid growth soon necessitated a move to a new facility in July, 2006. This move was to the company's present global headquarters in Wind Gap, PA.


Again in 2007, ICS developed the latest in embedded industrial hard circuit boards for its Tunnel Master wbc controller. The wbc is a web-based controller designed for expandability from 96 outputs in one enclosure up to 192 outputs total by mounting an additional 96 outputs in separate enclosures around the car wash facility. The wbc will monitor up to 48 undesignated inputs and alert you with any changing conditions. The wbc is completely independent of any on-site computer, ensuring 100% performance and reliability.


In 2008, Kevin's industry knowledge led him on a mission and he found one of the industry's lowest credit card rates so that ICS could pass along the savings to its customers and provide those rates to almost every operator in the industry today.


ICS Corporate Headquarters It's now 2013, and ICS is doing what it does best, and again finds itself in the forefront of developing the leading revolutionary car wash control. The Tunnel Master wbc controller has been an integral part of the process. This new control process will improve wash performance for an even better customer experience, reduce operating costs and help prevent damages.


Kevin Detrick still stands by the value-creation philosophy on which ICS began over two decades ago, "Superior hardware, better business tools and an uncommon dedication to customer service focused on our customer's success."  The evolution of ICS into a market leader is a direct result of the success of its many satisfied customer-owners.


ICS products are proudly assembled in the United States of America. We also purchase as many components as possible from North America.


Contact one of our professional sales representatives in your area.  

Brian Bath
Vice President of Sales

In 1985, Brian Bath built a distributorship from the ground wires up for Mario Andretti. In less than 3 years, Brian grew the distributorship that sold car wash equipment as well as oversaw construction, startup, ongoing maintenance and service to 2 million in revenue. Brian's experience is vast and not limited to design and construction of the facility, specific control wiring, plumbing, hydraulic and air systems, and installation of car wash equipment. It was in 1988 when Brian first met Kevin Detrick, owner of Sparkle Car Wash, when he sold and installed the first few ICS systems to his Hanna car wash customers.

In 1989, Brian decided to leave the Andretti firm to help develop ICS and turn it into an international company. He has performed every task within the company with the exception of writing software. Brian installed and trained operators on the ICS system, and assisted in the development of all products and software. As VP of Sales, he oversees marketing efforts, planning of trade shows, and works with production on the refinement of the hardware designs and installation methods. Brian has visited car wash locations in 45 out of 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, and Canada. Brian has worked with car wash installers and electrical contractors throughout the country assisting in the proper installation and startup of ICS products. He takes great pride in his knowledge of the industry and his reputation within and has put forth a great effort into learning and understanding what makes the ICS systems provide a great value to its customers.
ICS knows car washing because we are the car wash professionals!

With over 123 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.