Many solid reasons to partner with ICS for your credit card processing services.

ICS offers great credit card clearing rates

Count on years of experience and industry knowledge with ICS to manage your credit card processing procedures while receiving the most secure and competitive, low-cost pricing structure in the industry.


  • Competitive Features
    • No minimum contract term or early termination fee.
    • No Hidden Fees! Single-site rates start at pass-through interchange plus $0.07.
    • We monitor your account to make sure no fees are unfairly added.
    • FREE statement comparison to assess potential savings.
  • Fast Processing Performance
    • 2 - 4 seconds on most transactions (based on connection speed).
  • Multiple Redundancies
    • TransFirst has multi-level server redundancy.
    • Wireless Backup Solutions for when the internet or PCs go down to accept Credit Cards:
      • Payfox, a Free Apple or Android App, that turns your phone into a credit card terminal.
      • NURIT 8020 Handheld Wireless POS Device.
  • Improved Online Reporting
    • TransLink - Independent Security to view statements, daily batches, deposits, charge backs, etc.
    • Transaction Central - Independent Security to view and edit live transactions.
  • Automatic Recurring Billing
    • Wash Club Membership accounts can easily renew monthly customers.
    • Easy access to auto billing reports.
    • Automatically set up and bill with ICS applications.
    • Easily set up recurring billing through Transaction Central.
  • Fully Integrated with ICS Support
    • ICS Technical Support will be your primary contact for any and all questions or concerns.
    • Continue with the service that you expect from ICS technical support.
    • Solutions available for non-ICS locations.
    • ICS is on your side to help work with the credit card company.
  • PCI Compliance
    • Complete PCI compliance with CAGE, our software, and TransFirst.
    • We can help add to the certification with our program.
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