Description of a Quick Lube business model:

  • Quick Lube
    • A quick lube is a facility that performs oil changes and other preventive maintenance services on customers' vehicles.
    • Typically, the customer will drive into a two to five bay, drive-through building which is usually designed with a basement configuration that allows technicians to work under the vehicle and under the hood at the same time.
    • A typical service will include an oil and filter change, lubrication of the suspension if applicable, a check of other under hood fluids, a tire pressure check, and in some cases, vacuum and window cleaning.
    • For most vehicles, this service takes 10 to 15 minutes. Usually, additional services are offered such as replacing air filters, windshield wipers, and light bulbs, servicing gear boxes, flushing radiators, or performing state / emissions inspections.
    • Average daily volumes range from 25 for a new location to 100 or more for an established facility with per car revenues averaging $35 - $45. Often, quick lubes are built in combination with car washes.