WashConnect® is a powerful tool for any multi-site operation.

The WashConnect management application provides configuration and reporting for the Auto Sentry and Touch n' Clean especially designed with multi-site car wash consideration delivering all of the essential components used to build a multi-level and multi-site organization. Plus it's simple to use.


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  • Internet Design
    • WashConnect connects to the internet so that your essential wash site data can be replicated to Corporate for aggregated sites data for reporting.
    • Remote support for equipment diagnostics.
  • Microsoft's SQL .NET Platform
    • Our powerful scalable system helps operators manage the critical day to day processes like reporting, workflow and device management.
    • Ensures compatibility with the operating systems well into the future.
  • Multi-Site
    • Create up to 10 layers of organizational structure with an unlimited number of sites and devices in each layer, consolidating and delivering financial, statistical, club and fleet data.
    • The advanced, yet easy to use interface, allows operators to quickly set up the entire corporate structure, and revise the structure as needs change.
  • Point of Sale
    • Point of Sale Entry System.
  • Reports
    • Consolidate and deliver financial, statistical, operational, club and fleet data for a single site, group of sites, or all sites combined.
  • Cell Phone
    • View all of your site's activities for up-to-the-minute information from anywhere in the world from your smart phone.

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