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We are your car wash professionals! With over 70 employees, Innovative Control Systems has several experienced car wash owners, managers, and many other industry professionals allowing us to provide exceptional sales, support, and marketing services to your organization backed by real car wash experience.

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Brad Metcalf, Regional Sales Manager
Brian Bath, Vice President of Sales
Jeff Wizer, Regional Sales Manager
Kevin Detrick, President of Innovative Control Systems
Kristy Smith, National Sales Manager for the Retail Petroleum Market
Rob Deal, Vice President of Corporate & International Sales
Rob Wingard, Regional Sales Manager
Tom Bagnara, Director of Petroleum Sales North America

Brad Metcalf
Regional Sales Manager

Brad MetcalfBrad received his bachelor's degree from Syracuse and his Master's from Duke University. He began his car wash endeavor as a salesman for Monorail Car Wash Systems, a manufacturer of self-service car wash systems and vacuum cleaners in 1983. Two years later, he was asked to manage Monorail's self-serve car wash site. Monorail promoted Brad to Chief Operating Officer where he managed operations, manufacturing, worldwide sales and distribution. Brad again climbed the ladder of success and took on the position of President as well as owner of Monorail for the next six years. He also served as chairman of ESAC Committee, an ad-hoc car wash manufacturer's advisory group for the ICA. During Brad's tenure in the car wash industry, he has written several articles for the car wash trade magazines. In 2005, Brad joined ICS with our sales and marketing department, and then was promoted to the Northeast Regional Sales Manager. Throughout the years, Brad has accumulated a full working knowledge of all car wash business models and we are fortunate to have him here at ICS.
Years working at ICS:12
Years owning/managing:26
Years in the industry:33
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Brian Bath
Vice President of Sales

Brian BathIn 1985, Brian Bath built a distributorship from the ground wires up for Mario Andretti. In less than 3 years, Brian grew the distributorship that sold car wash equipment as well as oversaw construction, startup, ongoing maintenance and service to 2 million in revenue. Brian's experience is vast and not limited to design and construction of the facility, specific control wiring, plumbing, hydraulic and air systems, and installation of car wash equipment. It was in 1988 when Brian first met Kevin Detrick, owner of Sparkle Car Wash, when he sold and installed the first few ICS systems to his Hanna car wash customers.

In 1989, Brian decided to leave the Andretti firm to help develop ICS and turn it into an international company. He has performed every task within the company with the exception of writing software. Brian installed and trained operators on the ICS system, and assisted in the development of all products and software. As VP of Sales, he oversees marketing efforts, planning of trade shows, and works with production on the refinement of the hardware designs and installation methods. Brian has visited car wash locations in 45 out of 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, and Canada. Brian has worked with car wash installers and electrical contractors throughout the country assisting in the proper installation and startup of ICS products. He takes great pride in his knowledge of the industry and his reputation within and has put forth a great effort into learning and understanding what makes the ICS systems provide a great value to its customers.
Years working at ICS:28
Years owning/managing:9
Years in the industry:32
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Jeff Wizer
Regional Sales Manager

Jeff WizerJeff Wizer joined the ICS team in 2001. After building a reputation for Technical Support excellence over 6 years with ICS, Jeff was promoted to Manager of the Midwest Region. New and Existing operators benefit from Jeff's focus on customer experience, understanding of what it takes to successfully operate a car wash business, as well as his deep product knowledge.
Years working at ICS:16
Years in the industry:16
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Kevin Detrick
President of Innovative Control Systems

Kevin DetrickIn 1981, Kevin Detrick purchased an abandoned car wash and over the years built Sparkle into the successful wash it is today, pulling 140,000+ annual vehicles through its tunnel as a flex-service car wash. Through these years, he has managed all of the business models: Full-Service, Self-Service, Flex-Service, Exterior, C-store/Petro, Lube Center and Express Exterior. Kevin Detrick received his Master's degree from Lehigh University A few years after he opened Sparkle car wash, Kevin found an urgent cash control need in the car wash industry for which no other company had a solution. Kevin's solution was to integrate the tunnel controller with a point-of-sale management system in order to control cash while preventing theft at the car wash. In 1988, this breakthrough in technology led to the development of the highly acclaimed product, Tunnel Master which was the founding reason behind the birth of Innovative Control Systems. Innovative Control Systems develops and manufacturers car wash management systems in the United States and has sold systems in 26 countries. Kevin is involved in every aspect of management at ICS. He understands that hiring experienced car wash professionals will be the beneficial crown jewel that sets us apart from any competition. Providing a seasoned experienced staff, not only provides the best products, but the best education and technical support. ICS has a talented staff in development and research who bring his innovative ideas to light: patented anti-theft methods, unattended payment terminals, multiple-lane gate control, web based controllers, and one of the industry's lowest credit card rates for customers. See our website for a complete product list. Kevin's assurance: ICS is your car wash resource consisting of Car Wash Professionals who are committed to your success.
Years working at ICS:29
Years owning/managing:36
Years in the industry:36
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Kristy Smith
National Sales Manager for the Retail Petroleum Market

Kristy SmithKristy joined the ICS team in September of 2015 as the National Sales Manager for Retail Petroleum Market. Kristy comes to ICS with more than 19 years of car wash industry experience. She sold ICS products for several years with a distributor, before assuming a management position with a MacNeil Ryko distributor. She has a keen understanding of the needs of Retail Petroleum operators, distributors, and the margin potential that car washing brings to those marketplaces.
Years working at ICS:2
Years in the industry:19
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Rob Deal
Vice President of Corporate & International Sales

Rob DealRob was born with wet shoes into his family that has been in the car wash industry since the mid-60s. Rob stepped into his own career in the industry as an operator running the Industrial Division of Turtle Wax manufacturing car wash chemicals. Turtle Wax owned and operated over 20 full-service conveyor locations in the mid-west and eastern regions of the US and developed products that were needed for the washes. Rob also owned and operated his multi -profit operation with two locations consisting of in-bay automatics, self-service and oil change operations. Rob started with ICS in 2008 and has been responsible for the relationships with equipment manufacturers, large corporate customers and development of our international business outside of the United States. Rob has a shared responsibility of managing our regional sales efforts and developing distributor sales strategy. Rob has brought to light several suggestions from customers for product development, many of which have been added to the Auto Sentry Petro and WashConnect products. Rob knows what the industry needs as a car wash owner as he maintains his partnerships with several express wash locations.
Years working at ICS:9
Years owning/managing:31
Years in the industry:28
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Rob Wingard
Regional Sales Manager

Rob WingardRob sold MacNeil, Belanger and Motor City Wash Works products as a distributor in Florida for years. With his diverse background established in the car wash industry, he was already selling ICS product for four years when he joined ICS in 2010. He's held management roles with equipment distributors for over a decade and has had an integral role in establishing and developing well over 100 car wash sites. Rob's broad experience also includes preparing site layouts, tunnel designs, plumbing and electrical drawings, as well as labor and inventory management consulting. With a commercial real estate license and over 15 years in retail marketing and management, Rob is an asset to both new and established owners seeking guidance and expertise.
Years working at ICS:7
Years owning/managing:20
Years in the industry:22
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.

Tom Bagnara
Director of Petroleum Sales North America

Tom BagnaraAs a twenty-six-year veteran of the carwash industry, Bagnara brings an extensive background in sales management, key account management, and distributor relations to ICS. At ICS he will be responsible for new business development of C-Store/Petroleum corporate accounts, as well as developing and maintaining relations with the distribution channel in North America. Bagnara began his car wash career at Turtle Wax Inc. in 1990 where he served in various capacities including sales management, national account sales and product development where he holds several patents for chemical dilution and application. In 2000 he was recruited to Ryko Manufacturing (now Ryko Solutions Inc., part of National Carwash Solutions) as Regional Sales Manager Midwest and was responsible for a direct sales and distribution team in a 13 state region. As a result of his success he rose to the position of Director of Sales - Western US where he managed 11 sales reps and multiple distributors across 29 states and Canada. Tom was also responsible for the development and maintenance of strategic key accounts such as; Speedway, SuperAmerica, Holiday Companies, Mills Fleetfarm, Buchanan Energy and AU Energy.
Years in the industry:26
With over 168 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's featured people help offer a superior knowledge base of support.