Tunnel Master Jr.

Utilizing an embedded computer solution can control your entire car wash tunnel with or without a PC. Eliminating a PC eliminates a potential point of failure. The on-board processor stores relay override activity and car counts.

  • Industry's little control giant washes in over 25 countries.
  • Over 15 years of industry field experience.
  • High-end Features for the most affordable price:

    • Copyrighted anti-theft software.
    • Panic Stop circuit.
    • Password protected wet down feature.

The Rock Solid Choice Of Car Wash Tunnel Controllers Worldwide

Our embedded solution does not require BIOS, and delivers proven reliability with the latest industrial control technology.

Electronic Control Technology

  • Watchdog Timers automatically restart the computer if a function takes longer than specified.
  • Transorbs are electronic gates that automatically ground over-currents from reaching the circuit board.
  • Printed circuit boards with a design that allows individual grounding of each pole eliminating the need for hand-wired auto and manual switches that can be turned off.
  • Power Conditioning for incoming power supplies, noise suppression and polarization.
  • 24 removable double-pole double-throw relays with indicator lights, expandable to 48.
  • Dual commons offer 24v or 110v usage per relay.
  • Separately fused, simple keyboard for programming and reporting.

Printer, Modem, Communication Ports

  • Reports delivered through an optional receipt printer allows for reconciliation of sales activity.
  • 2 RS-232 serial ports are available for optional Printer and Modem Connection.
  • RS-485 communication port is available for connectivity to another device.

Relay Box Enclosure

  • Powder coated enclosure was engineered for durability, functionality, and safety. Its locking door easily lifts off its hinges to make wiring easier, and features a 40 X 4 LCD character display. The on-board LED allows monitoring of the processor and optically isolated inputs.
  • Indicator lights for easy self-diagnostics.
  • Menu and function keys allow for simple on-site programming.
  • Advanced long life keypad technology.
  • Built in spare fuses and fuse tester at the center bottom of the box.
  • 24 auto and manual switches that can be turned off.

The Most Versatile Car Wash Tunnel Controller In The Car Wash Industry


  • Car wash technicians can change settings easily with the on-board keypad or with a PC.
  • Ultimate control and built-in theft prevention with minimum / maximum car length and anti-bounce settings.
  • Internal stacking of up to 10 vehicles when coupled with multiple gated Auto Sentry flex lanes.
  • Input device setting permits multiple points of service entry while maintaining security and theft prevention.
  • Programmable staggered re-start after panic condition to reduce energy consumption.
  • Auto Gate function simulates entrance gate if gate switch failure.

Roller Control

  • Internal or external roller control available.
  • Roller Interlock prevents theft by not allowing a roller to be fired unless a service has been entered.
  • Roller locator prevents roller jams on your conveyor.
  • Auto Roller option available when vehicle drives on the conveyor, or when service is selected.
  • Auto Roller feature will fire a roller as soon as a base service is selected in a non-stacking system.


  • Calculated pulse measures vehicle for precise output control.
  • Multiple pulse switch types and combinations interpreted.
  • Auto Pulse selection simulates pulse at last known conveyor speed upon failure of pulse switch.


  • 24 programmable double pole fused relays, expandable to 48 outputs.
  • Programmable for 6 different parts of car per relay.
  • Look Ahead feature keeps a function energized if next vehicle is within range to reduce energy consumption.
  • 16 service options stored internally, expandable up to 32 service combinations.

8 Designated Inputs

  • Clock (Pulse)
  • Gate (Electric eye)
  • Tire
  • Panic
  • Anti-collision
  • Entrance Management
  • Roller Locator

Tunnel Master Jr., Alias TMJ. Simple, Yet Highly Capable

Car Wash Tunnel Controller Functions

  • 24 programmable double pole fused relays, expandable to 48 outputs.
  • Connect up to four Tunnel Master Jr. relay boxes (24 relays per box) to maximize total relays at 192.
  • Entrance Management system automatically sends vehicle without human intervention.
  • 16 service options stored internally, expandable up to 32 service combinations.
  • Up to 32 services can be programmed using stand alone keypad.
  • Integrated battery backup.
  • Keypad, PC or off site modem programming.
  • Roller Locator eliminates jams by making sure the roller is in position before activating the roller-up.
  • Roller Interlock disables the roller-up and gate switch until a valid service is programmed for the vehicle. Since it will not recognize a vehicle, no outputs would be turned on in the tunnel.
  • Anti-collision will stop the wash before two vehicles collide.
  • Panic Stop feature manages equipment shut down with cars in the tunnel.

Relay Functions

  • Look ahead power saving feature keeps equipment running if another car is within range.
  • Anti-theft prevents unauthorized processing of car washes.

Touch Keypad

  • Add additional services or retracts to programmed washes.
  • 16 service options, expandable to 32 service options with an additional keypad.
  • Simple stack control (controls up to 8 vehicles).
  • Selection indicator lights.
  • Programmable roller control key.
  • Print receipt key.
  • Bump shift key.
  • On-board LED diagnostic lights.

Tunnel Master Jr. is a car wash tunnel controller by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)., icscarwashsystems.com

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