Marketing Overview

Designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan is critical to the success of your car wash. ICS’s in-house Marketing team possesses the creativity and experience required to help you market your car wash to success!

Marketing Services

A comprehensive list of the services provided by ICS’s talented marketing experts is provided below. To learn how you can market your car wash to success simply call ICS at 1-800-642-9396 to talk with ICS’s Marketing team about developing a customized marketing plan for your car wash.

Logo Design

  • Brand your car wash with a fresh new look from the creative staff at ICS.
  • It's a custom logo so the designers work the colors and design you already have in mind or start from the first pencil mark on their sketch pad.
  • ICS graphic designers develop brand recognition paying close attention to your target audience, demographics, and style desired.
  • With ICS, you can create a logo that communicates the values of your car wash.
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Screen Graphics

  • Custom on-screen graphics, including service buttons and backgrounds, are customized to coordinate with your car wash signage.
  • Add vendor logos to your extra service buttons to highlight the car care brands that your customers know and trust.
  • Custom on-screen graphics are available for a wide variety of ICS payment terminals.
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  • Customize your payment terminal with your car wash logos, colors and slogans to enhance your brand recognition.
  • Custom Decals are available for a wide variety of ICS payment terminals.
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  • Customize your Auto Passport® RFID tags with your company logo to enhance your brand recognition.
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Fleet & Gift Cards

Brand your car wash logo on your magnetic-stripe cards:

  • Customize your Wash Cards such as Gift, Fleet, and Wash Books.
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Promotional Videos & Animation

Improve your customer experience by presenting custom videos that are friendly and informative to assist your customers with the necessary information to make the most appropriate service choices.

  • Videos can be presented in two different languages allowing customers to select their preference.
  • Welcome Videos provide a friendly greeting that informs customers about your sites' offerings and special promotions.
  • Instructional Videos direct customers on how to use your car wash or to navigate around your site.
  • Service Videos promote your upsell options and unique site services specific to your customers' wash selection.

  • ICS Marketing Services,

ICS Marketing Services, Visit ICS's YouTube Channel to view Promotional Videos: ICSCarWashSystems


ICS’s in-house team of talented Graphic Designers can help you brand your car wash site with a wide range of signage including:

  • Car wash menus
  • Windmaster sign inserts
  • Banners
  • Gate banners
  • Pole signs
  • Vacuum decals
  • Billboards
  • …and anything you can dream up!
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Have an ICS Digital Menu or an ICS Entrance and Exit Management System at your wash? ICS’s Marketing team can help you update your existing designs to feature new promotions, or new instructional messages, to keep your message fresh, and your brand front and center.

Contact ICS’s Marketing team today at 800-642-9396.

Printed Materials

ICS’s Marketing team can help you market your car wash using a wide array of printed materials, including:

  • Brochures
  • Forms
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
Contact the ICS Marketing team today at 800-642-9396.

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Direct Mail

Let ICS develop a compelling direct mail campaign that targets consumers by geography, income level, and vehicle ownership, and turns those consumers into customers! Our team handles all aspects of coordinating your direct mail campaign, including:

  • Mailer design
  • Development of targeted mailing list
  • Postage
  • Coordination of mailing services

Results of the direct mail campaign are tracked via wash codes in WashConnect enabling you to calculate the exact return on your marketing investment.

Contact ICS’s Marketing team today at 800-642-9396 to discuss the details of a successful direct mail campaign for your car wash.

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Website & Social Media

Let ICS’s talented team of web design and social media experts develop a web and social media strategy that will drive consumers to your door, and keep your existing customers coming back for more!

Educate your customers using a multimedia web development approach that incorporates pictures, interactive sliding banners, menus, maps, and videos to improve your customers’ web-based experience, and entice them to visit your car wash site.

In addition, ICS’s Marketing team can turn your educational website into an e-commerce powerhouse that enables you to sell washes, gift cards, wash clubs, and wash books from your website!

And our marketing pros can help you use the power of social media to:

  • Build your brand
  • Promote!
  • Serve as a reference
  • Communicate with your customers

Contact ICS’s e-experts to supercharge your car wash sales!

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360° Virtual Tour

ICS utilizes cutting-edge virtual tour technology that enables guests on your website to take a virtual reality tour of your car wash…complete with 360° camera angles, as well as embedded infographics and videos that will differentiate your car wash from the competition, and entice your guests to visit your car wash site.

Visit the following websites to experience ICS’s 360° Virtual Tour technology for yourself:

Contact ICS today to learn how we can design a 360° Virtual Tour for your website!