Fuel Pump Interface

Increase volume by selling car washes at the gas pumps. The Fuel Pump Interface, NetFuelTM, allows you to sell washes at your gas pumps. The receipt prints out at the gas pump or inside the c-store with a wash code and expiration date.

Customers can redeem washes purchased at the fuel pump with the wash code at the car wash which is on the same property as the fuel station, from a fuel station next door, or even from a third party fuel station across town.

Track and view the washes in reports from WashConnect.

ICS Has Three Fuel Interface Options To Meet Your Needs

  • Wired - A wired system is directly connected from the WashConnect or Tunnel Master server to the fuel pump POS.
  • Extended Distance - The extended distance interface is wired from the WashConnect or Tunnel Master server through a communication box on both ends.
  • Remote - The remote interface is connected from a computer at the fuel site, through a secure virtual private network (VPN) over the internet to the WashConnect or Tunnel Master Server.

NetFuelTM Interface Communicates With Almost Every Major Fuel Pump POS System.

Remote Fuel Pump Interface Configuration

The remote interface option makes it possible to sell washes from fuel pumps owned by someone else, and redeem wash codes at your Auto Sentry. The remote option allows you to sell washes with just about every POS register from any major manufacturers like Gilbarco.

The remote feature uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to send information from the service station to your car wash. A VPN is a secure connection between two sites using the Internet. The wash code information is transmitted to your car wash in real time, regardless of whether the service station is just across the street or miles away.

Connect to the service station's POS system via an ethernet-to-serial converter, installing a power connection for the Internet Router. The Remote Fuel Interface module and an internet connection at the service station, is all that's needed.

    Fuel Pump Interface, NetFuel, icscarwashsystems.com

How the Fuel Pump Interface Works

Our experience has shown that selling car wash services at the pump not only increases volume at the car wash, it also increases volume at the gas station. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to make both purchases at one time, and the two profit centers share the same customer base.

  • Customers activate the gas pump purchase screen.
  • Customers are offered multiple wash offerings.
  • Customers can pay with credit card at the pump or inside with the cashier.
  • A unique wash code is generated by the Tunnel Master® or WashConnect® management system for the selected wash package and is printed on the fuel receipt. Also, a corresponding bar code prints on the receipt.
  • The wash code can be programmed along with an expiration date that prints on the gas pump receipt.
  • WashConnect® replication of data ensures that the wash codes can be used at all of your sites literally in a minute or two from the time you receive the code and is valid until the expiration date.
  • The fuel pump interface works with the Auto Sentry® flex payment terminal or Auto Sentry® Petro payment terminal with or without a bar code scanner.
  • The customer enters the wash code on the touch screen keypad or passes the receipt under the bar code scanner or gives the receipt to a cashier at the wash.
  • The Auto Sentry® then can offer additional services in a package upgrade or a-la-cart.
  • After the unique wash code is redeemed, the number will be deactivated permanently so it can't be used again at any of your locations, protecting your sales from fraud.

Note: Bar code scanners are optional and must be purchased at the time of your Auto Sentry® original purchase. Bar code scanners cannot be added to your Auto Sentry at a later date.

Reporting For NetFuelTM

Providing a sales distribution report from WashConnect®.

  • Off site pumps would be listed as separate items in their own section.
  • Quantity of each wash sold.
  • Dollar value of those sales.

Fuel Pump Interface, NetFuel, icscarwashsystems.com

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