Entrance & Exit Management Sign System

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    Entrance Management System Overview
  • wbc, car wash tunnel controler by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)
    Exit Management System Overview

The Entrance Management System increases wash performance and the Exit Management System improves overall customer experience.

Your solution for increasing tunnel throughput, minimizing damage claims, and improving the wash experience.

  • Touch Entrance Display:

    • Animated video instructions assist customers on the conveyor.
    • Purchased wash services graphics appear on the touch screen.
    • Touch Screen allows you to quickly edit or remove cars in the queue.
    • View and manage StackNControl from the Entrance Management Display.
    • Set retracts anywhere in the tunnel when needed.
    • Cancel or Fire Rollers with one quick touch on the Interactive Screen.
    • Environmental control allows use within the car wash tunnel.
  • Vehicle Spacing:

    • Angled nozzles on Chemistry Arch apply product to fronts and backs of cars (See ICS Chemistry Arch).
    • Eliminating prep eliminates labor hold ups at the tunnel entrance and prevents bottlenecks.
  • Customer Experience:

    • No labor bottlenecks provide a smooth and fast transition into the tunnel.
    • Superior customer experience by eliminating the negatives at the tunnel entrance.
    • Repeatable quality without prepping to provide a clean and shiny vehicle.
  • Retracts anywhere in the Tunnel:

    • Until the point of service, a retract can be set anywhere in the tunnel.
  • Auto Roller:

    • When the Auto Roller is set, as soon as you select a base service on a non-stacking system, a roller will fire.
  • Roller Cancel:

    • Cancel Roller.
  • Roller Handling:

    • Roller Handling from Touch Entrance Sign.
  • Idle Conveyor:

    • This button is available to briefly stop the conveyor without stopping the equipment and entering a full panic state.

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