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Monitor, Manage, and Market Your Car Wash!

Auto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,, The Auto Sentry® flex was designed with the professional car wash operator in mind, and after more than 10 years in production, this timeless design is still the leading payment terminal in the car wash industry.

Originally launched in 2007, the flex was developed “for” car wash operators “by” car wash operators and provides the fastest throughput available to enable higher conveyor speeds and increased revenue. This third-generation design is assembled and tested in house, right here in the USA, by ICS’s factory-trained technicians.

Auto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,, washconnect.comAuto Sentry® flex is a multimedia payment terminal that is built around a 15” full sunlight readable touchscreen. It includes bill, coin and credit card acceptance, bar-code scanning, up to 3 coin or token dispensing hoppers, and up to three denominations in the bill dispenser.

The Auto Sentry® flex features an intuitive user interface that is designed to create a better customer experience while delivering precise instructions to your customer; from the initial greeting, all the way through the end of the transaction.

ErgonomicsAuto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,,

ICS spent countless hours planning the placement of the components on the Auto Sentry® flex so the reach from one component to the next falls within the customer’s ideal range of motion. The layout of the Auto Sentry flex features clearly-defined areas for selecting services, located at the top left of the payment terminal, and making payment, located at the top right of the payment terminal, to facilitate a quick, easy, and comfortable transaction for your customers.

CustomizationAuto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,,

The Auto Sentry® flex can be customized to complement your brand, and deliver your message to your customers with customized decals, customized on-screen graphics, and customized videos that provide a friendly greeting, inform customers of your wash packages and upgrade options, and promote special offers such as wash clubs and fleet programs.

Auto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,, washconnect.comAdvanced Marketing Capabilities

The Auto Sentry® flex combines form and function with advanced Marketing options that provide a superior customer experience while increasing your revenue, including:

  • Gift Cards which can be purchased, activated and reloaded at the payment terminal.

  • Auto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,,
  • Frequency Promotions can be implemented via wash codes to provide customers with a discount on their next wash, or a free wash after a predefined number of return visits.

  • Date and Time Sensitive Profiles allow you to modify your car wash prices automatically to support endless promotions, such as; Early Bird Specials, Happy Hour, or Free Upgrade Friday.

Environmental ControlsAuto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,,

The Auto Sentry® flex features dual heat exchangers, with temperature control, which provides efficient heating and cooling of the terminal and provides an operating temperature range of -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit so your payment terminal is always ready for business.

The heat exchangers also prevent the exchange of moisture and contaminants in the outside air. This self-contained environment prevents corrosion on circuit boards and small connectors, helps to ensure reliability, and extends the life of your payment terminal.

SecurityAuto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,,

The bill dispensing cabinet of the Auto Sentry® flex is constructed of ¼” powder-coated steel and has been designed to eliminate all pry points providing safe-like strength for your revenue. The cabinet features 3 heavy-duty Medeco stainless steel plug locks which feature keys that cannot be duplicated.

Auto Setry flex by Innovative Control System (ICS),,, Anti-theft features include motion and vibration sensors which can be set to send an email notifying you of potential theft or vandalism, trigger lights, initiate a siren and/or trespass video, and activate an alarm to notify authorities.

With more than a decade of experience in the field at thousands of car washes around the globe, Innovative Control Systems’ Auto Sentry® flex is the proven solution for monitoring, managing, and marketing your car wash to success!

To learn more about the industry’s leading payment terminal contact your ICS sales representative by visiting the Contact ICS page.

“I have been an owner/operator of a full service carwash since 1984. One of the best decisions I made was to install the ICS Auto Sentry and convert to a flex service business model. On busy days, I can wash cars as fast as they arrive, and on slow days, I do not have the large labor burden.

The ICS Auto Sentry terminals have been reliable and easy for my customers to learn and use... the system has exceeded my expectations. This is why I would not hesitate to tell another operator to convert.”

~ Doug Rieck, Manahawkin Magic Wash, Manahawkin NJ.

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